About Rock Steady Boxing Knoxville

Rock Steady Boxing Knoxville has gone ONLINE for COVID-19.
Come join us at www.TheParkinsonsGym.com for live streamed and recorded workouts. We can still workout together but apart.

East Tennessee is in the fight against Parkinson\\\'s Disease! Come check out Rock Steady Boxing Knoxville and Fight Back Against Parkinson\'s.

Parkinson’s disease is a tough opponent but it has its weaknesses. At Rock Steady Boxing Knoxville, we are training East Tennessee fighters to find and exploit those weaknesses so that they can get the upper hand on PD and live the lives they deserve. Many of the fundamental skills of boxing directly combat the most debilitating symptoms of Parkinson’s. RSB classes are fun, challenging and the side effects are much better than meds.

No boxing experience is necessary and people of all ages, levels of fitness and stages of the disease can participate. Whether you’re a man or woman, recently diagnosed or a long time fighter, the Rock Steady Boxing program can improve your quality of life and give you the support to keep fighting.

Head Coach: Zach Guza, Certified Personal Trainer
The fight against Parkinson\'s Disease is very personal to Zach. Rock Steady Boxing Knoxville was launched 3 years to the day that Zach lost his father to Parkinson\'s. Zach works hard to make sure that every class is intense but fun. He has taken a special interest in using fitness to beat Parkinson\'s and keep the Knoxville fighters living happy, healthy and active lives. You can learn more about Zach\'s journey at his personal training website, BlackDogFitness.com.

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